Systematically changing healthcare for all mothers

The Issue

Ineffective care exists for women during all points of pregnancy and through the first year postpartum, particularly across racial, ethnic, socio-economic and geographic lines.

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Clinical care only accounts for 20% of a persons health

Understanding all issues surround health is critical.

Our solution

We take a consulting approach to systematically change the way care is delivered to mothers. Instead of health systems engaging with us, we incentivize providers to help them introspect, review workflows, and introduce change from within:

  • Ensure all mothers have access to equitable and just care

  • Decrease cycles of poverty perpetuated by providers inability to treat socio-economic barriers in health including maternal mental health, homelessness, access to food, and speciality services

  • Optimize electronic health record documentation and workflows

  • Collect and use data by health centers, health systems, and social services to drive future health protocols, decisions, and policy 

  • Bridge the gap between health and socio economic factors

  • Accurately track social services and speciality referrals across to ensure proper treatment of mothers across our state

  • Increase outcomes of value-based care payments for health clinics via implementing Social Determinant of Health survey tools to patients


How we do our work

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